Buying a home is a major step and a big investment, so discovering any defects before you’ve signed on the dotted line is a top priority. Having a detailed understanding of a home’s condition before you commit to it gives you what you need to negotiate a fair price with confidence. It also provides you with peace of mind when making your final decision.

Commercial Properties

Property condition assessments (PCAs) are due diligence inspections associated with commercial real estate. Commercial property and building inspections are important for clients seeking to know the condition of the real estate they may be purchasing, leasing, financing or simply maintaining. We follow industry accepted guidelines of ASTM E2018-15.

Real Estate Investment

Significant investments like multi-family buildings are an excellent opportunity to get superior ROI’s. MMM Property Inspections is your Investment Property professional. You will be provided with a thorough report of everything that we can assess and set you up with the information necessary to ensure you make educated decisions on your investment purchase.

Buying a house is a wonderful investment. It will no doubt be one of the biggest personal and financial decisions that you will ever undertake.

Consequently, if you are not prepared, it can also quickly become overwhelming. Knowing what to expect and being ready to act fast can make all the difference when trying to find your dream home.

A pre-purchase home inspection will help uncover potential future problems and reveal current issues that you can’t see with an untrained eye. We detect the flaws of a home that are not easily recognizable and help you process and assess the true condition and value of a home. With our expertise, you will gain the knowledge needed to help you decide to buy or to move on to a better deal.

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